Be Beautiful: Breaking through a digital world

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Be Beautiful:

Breaking through a digital world

Written by: Sydney Forbes

According to a report done by Hootsuite and We Are Social, the number of people on the internet has surged over the last year with about 57% of the world’s population using the Internet. On average, users spend more than 6.5 hours per day online. With the rise of the Internet and Digital Marketing, it is estimated that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. Companies are struggling more each day as algorithms constantly change and new businesses enter the scene.

How can you set your brand apart and get more people to notice you through advertising outlets with ever increasing statistics like these? Despite this being a seemingly impossible task, Oyster Shell Strategy knows it can be done. We’d like to offer you some advice that can be easily remembered with the memorization of one word: BEAUTIFUL.

Better branding: You only have about 2.7 seconds to grab someone’s attention. So, whether it’s your website, business cards, logo, or social media account, having an attention grabbing brand makes a huge difference when it comes to staying ahead of your competitors.

Exceptional content marketing can help your company jump some of the digital marketing hurdles. The more people who engage with your posts, the more algorithms will allow others to see it. Use compelling copy, videos, and images of real people to make consumers feel as if they’re more than just another dollar in your company’s bank account in order to increase engagement.

Analytically driven decisions: Making data-driven decisions are one of the best ways to approach marketing in a digital world. Analytics allow you to be more efficient and minimize wasted budgets. They allow you to approach your marketing plan strategically, taking steps to understand situations and audiences before making adjustments. When you work with Oyster Shell Strategy, we will ensure you always have measurable goals that demonstrate how effectively your company is achieving its business goals. We will use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and continually track and improve your marketing plan to produce positive impacts for your business.

Understanding your audience is important because you depend on them in order to be successful. When a piece of writing fails to resonate, it’s usually not what your audience is looking for. Before you do anything, get to know your audience through a multi-step process: conduct thorough market research, look at your competitors, create a customer persona, take the time to get to know your clients personally, analyze comments and engagement, and conduct periodic surveys.

Take your time: It takes time to build a strategy, learn about your audience, and reach your desired results. Be sure to give yourself, or your marketing agency, plenty of time and patience while developing a brand or marketing strategy. Rushing through can result in mistakes, which can lead to failure for your business.

Innovation seems to be the new buzzword, but its true meaning could not be stressed more when it comes to marketing your business. To innovate means to “make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products”. Innovation is fundamental to the growth of businesses and industries when markets become flooded and consumers people less interested.

Fulfill a need: People won’t buy your products or use your services unless you have a purpose. It is critical that your business has specific and tangible benefits for consumers to become customers. Purpose-driven people support purpose-driven businesses.

Using social media to its fullest potential is important to help you break through. Aside from having a well established social media marketing plan and implementation, you should consider all of the ways you can effectively use social media: add social media buttons to your website, add sharing buttons to your content (like we did with our blog post), integrate your social media into email marketing campaigns, place your social media handles on your collateral materials, and put a little money into those social media advertisements.

Leveraging your local experts, Oyster Shell Strategy, to develop and manage your marketing plans can help your business break through the clutter. Our team has a passion for marketing, and a love for local businesses, that is unparalleled to other agencies in the area. Our team is only successful when you are successful.

We urge you to focus on these “beautiful” tips, so that you will be able to grow, stand out from competitors, and turn consumers into customers for your business.

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