New Year Gladness

Typically, a new year signifies new year’s resolutions, goals, power sheets, and planning. We set goals, we plan out what we are going to do next, and we, too, look for ways to improve at the beginning of the new year. We also reflect. 

2019 was one for the books for Oyster Shell Strategy. Started in Spring 2018, in all terms of business OSS is still young, but wow what a year! Our business is making your business grow through implementing strategy in all areas: social media, event production, customer experience, you name it we do it and are happy to stand in the background. But, once-a-year we like to tell you (and sometimes just remind ourselves) what we’ve been doing in the shadows.

One of our favorite projects of the year was working alongside the new Braided River Brewing Company in downtown Mobile, Alabama slated to open its doors this in the new year. Sustainability and beer- is there even a question as to why this was a favorite project amongst our team?! Nope. We helped them direct their passion for sustainability and articulate it to their customers – and if you don’t know what we’re talking about you have to check out their newest program Hop Huggers, which is currently welcoming pre-sale memberships: Plus, we still have their grand opening party to look forward to! It promises to be a wonderful evening celebrating the hard work of a great team at Braided River Brewing Company, so if you want to come welcome Mobile’s newest brewery, follow Braided River Brewing Company and keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements coming soon!

If you live in Mobile, you know who MAWSS is, they require no introduction. We were fortunate enough to get to know their team this year as we joined them in helping bring awareness about Mobile’s water situation to the public. We created, planned, and implemented the new educational outreach program Citizens Water Academy and facilitated the watercolor competition “Fun With Water.” We have genuinely loved working with the team over at MAWSS, they are passionate and work hard to make Mobile’s water system the best it can be!

Even for a creative agency, there’s no escaping football in the Deep South.  Shana, our founder and googler of “how to talk football with people,” has been surrounded by football terms, questions, and videos. It’s been very entertaining to watch her learn so much 😉 . In all seriousness, we’ve had the best time helping The Senior Bowl plan their 2020 Summit, sponsored by Alabama Power and Regions Bank, and identify a fantastic speaker. A big shout out to Gary Vaynerchuk who will be here to give us all tips and life advice on how to create the best, most productive culture in the workplace. Who couldn’t use that information? For tickets click here.

But our football adventure doesn’t end there. We were given an opportunity to work alongside St. Paul’s football team to create their weekly highlight videos. We pulled together a great team to film, edit and produce a video weekly and we couldn’t be prouder of how that project came together. Plus, it’s great to cheer the Saints on to success any day! In fact, we are especially proud of Brady Ward, a St. Paul’s senior who was recently awarded an All-American jersey and played in the All-American game in Texas. Congratulations to the Ward family and thank you for allowing us to journey this season with you. 

Check out one of our football videos for St. Paul’s football team.

Basically, we have the best clients and we know how lucky we are. The Fuse Project, Jubilee Suites, and DocRx are a few others who trusted us to make their events seamless, their online presence pop, and their materials look sharp. Truly, 2019 was a year that has defined this Oyster Shell Strategy team. We’ve grown (thank goodness!), we’ve honed our skills, and we’ve met amazing clients turned friends along the way. So, thank you to every single person who trusted Oyster Shell Strategy in 2019, we can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring! 

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